Thursday, 26 April 2012

Readings for Wednesday 2nd May

The next meeting of the reading group is entitled 'AnOther Landscape: Deviant Heterotopia in The Haunted Vagina' - led by Anna Hope.
Be warned - this session is not for the faint of heart!
We will be covering the following texts:
  • Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina (Portland: Eraserhead, 2006) [to be circulated via email]
  • Michel Foucault, 'Des espaces autres' [Different Spaces], Architecture, Mouvement, Continuit√©, 5 (1984), pp. 46-49
Please note, due to file size we will be sending the Mellick out on request - email us at if you would like to receive the attachment.
We hope to see many of you in Lipman 121 at 4:30pm.

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  1. A reminder - this session will be held in Lipman 232. See you then!